Non-aggressive selling

For many of our affiliate wreath-sellers, you are probably getting your first exposure to commission selling through our program. Did you ever think you would make it as a seller? The first couple are probably easy. Depending on how many people you know, you may get ten or twenty “yeses” before you get your first “no”.

But as soon as you get it – that “NO” – you feel it. You may even want to give up rather than deal with the possibility that you might get told “NO” again.

“NO? How dare you reject me?!”

Remember: that “NO” isn’t meant for YOU. You’ve offered them a product. They’re just not interested in buying it. Not today anyway.

When you get your “NO” there are two things you need to do immediately.

1.       Say “Thank you,” with a smile on your face. Why? Because if it was a human being that said “NO” to you, then there’s a very good chance that they feel pretty bad for saying it. How you handle yourself after being told “NO” is important because it can make the difference between “No, not today,” and “No, not ever.”

2.       Ask them if they would mind if you checked back with them again – either in a month, or next season. If you handled #1 correctly, then there’s a good chance they’ll say yes. If not – or if they just really aren’t that interested (maybe they make their own wreaths) – then at least now you know and you can save yourself time and angst in the future.

I just don’t want to be pushy

We all know a “pushy” salesperson – someone who just won’t take “NO” for an answer. There’s a good chance that person made such an impression on you that you said to yourself, “I never want to be like that!” Nor should you be!

We want you to sell our wreaths to people who want them. But how do you know?

Selling is a conversation. On one side there’s you – a budding entrepreneur with wreaths to sell. On the other is your customer – an unknown… You don’t know if they even like wreaths yet. So ask questions. Find out what kind of things they do like. Maybe they’re not interested in a wreath for themselves, but they didn’t realize that our wreaths can be purchased as gifts and shipped almost anywhere. And you didn’t know that they were looking for that perfect gift for their uncle in Seattle until you had a conversation.

The goal is not to push them into a sale, but rather for you to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement where you both end up with what you want.

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