Developing a Sales Pitch to Sell Wreaths

If you’re looking for foolproof ways to sell wreaths, a convincing sales pitch can help. Even if you believe your products are the best in the block, proactive selling will ensure a steady flow of customers.

Here are five quick tips to get the attention of your customers and increase your wreath sales in no time:

Tip # 1 – Organize your thoughts

When creating a sales pitch for your wreath business, know how you say what you say. That is, it’s not enough to know the benefits and features of your products; you need to deliver a compelling message accompanied by the proper body language and tonality to make your customers feel confident enough to purchase from you. Practice your speech in front of the mirror, friends or family. It’s OK if it doesn’t come out perfectly the first time. Practice makes perfect.

Tip # 2 – Feel great selling

Before going door to door, condition yourself. Make sure you are “in the zone.” Most people tend to get anxious when selling because they are afraid of rejection. Make it a point to be in your best emotional state before pitching to customers.

Tip # 3 – Learn how to deal with rejection

Rejection hurts, but it happens all the time. Even the most successful businessmen have gone through lots of rejection in their careers. Do not welcome negativity, because this can ruin your confidence and break your spirit. Instead, think about rejection as a series of tests to your first big sale.

Tip # 4 – Be empathetic

Sometimes it’s not about what you offer, but what the customer needs. Don’t make selling all about you. Instead, ask your customers what exactly they are looking for, and adjust your sales pitch accordingly.

Tip # 5 – Follow up

Only 20 percent of sales happen on the first try. The key to making more sales is by following up with the people who rejected your offer on day one. Don’t be shy to come back after a few days, and make it a point to send at least three follow-up emails in the first month after your initial sales pitch.

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