What our sellers tell us about their Wreaths of Maine experience:

“The kids are having a blast doing this. Our daughter Jerin just turned 8 years old and her team mate brother is 3 years old. Jackson gets to ring the door bells and Jerin makes the pitch. Needless to say, they are really happy with their results” Sellers from Palm Desert, CA.

“Your wreaths are selling like hotcakes in our area! I guess the folks are trying to get past the 80+ degree heat and get into the Christmas spirit! We need more order forms…I received the kit on Friday afternoon and by Monday I had already sold 8 wreaths” Stephen R. seller from, Orlando, FL

“Thank you for letting me sell your wreaths. My friends Mom received hers on the 29th of November. She loved it. I would like to sell your wreaths next year, so if you move or change your number, Please write me or call me. I hope you have a good Christmas, Merry Christmas, thank you, Love Sarah” Handwritten note from a home schooled seller, from Rockford, IL

“Thank you for your company’s continued support of home school students. I wanted to let you know that, in our case, Joe’s commissions from his wreaths sales were used to fund his Boy Scout Eagle project. He assembled and distributed over 200 first-aid kits to senior citizens in the rural communities of Whitman County WA. Please know that your efforts support more than just homeschoolers” Seller from Endicott WA

What our customers tell us about their Wreaths of Maine experience:

“A friend of mine from VA gave me a gorgeous, fresh wreath from your company. It is terrific and smells so fresh! It is already on my front door decorating our house so beautifully. A special thanks to Alison for the excellent job-Real craftsmanship!” Mary Ann L, Broad Run VA

“I just received a call from my family, the wreath just arrived and they were thrilled with it! In fact the words used to describe it was Beautiful!!! I only saw the picture of it and it [apparently] did not do it justice, I haven’t seen it yet, but from all the raves and thank you’s, I think I can safely say it was A HIT!!! Great item, I would recommend these wreaths and other items to anyone with no reservations.” Valerie, P The Springs, Nevada

“I purchased a wreath from my granddaughter in New Mexico, at first I was sceptical what it would look like but was very happy with it. This is Christmas tree country in Wisconsin so we can go out in the woods and get the material to make one…but am very satisfied with it-I kept the address so [I] may order again” Jennie B, Delavan WI

“We appreciate the good service…your wreaths are very beautiful” Stacy and Cornin M, Northern CA

“I was ‘blown away’ with the beauty of the wreath, but more than that, my 96 year old aunt was just overwhelmed…thank you for the wonderful wreath, [I] look forward to ordering next year” Erlene H, Las Vegas, NV

I just wanted to let you know how beautiful my Christmas wreath still is. I received it as a gift in early December and immediately hung it on my front door to enjoy prior to the holidays and during. Now it’s the middle of January and it’s still absolutely beautiful! Your wreaths are definitely prime quality and I will certainly be ordering from you in the future” Teresa D, Charlotte Hall, MD

“Thank you for the beautiful wreath! I am the envy of the neighbourhood!!! The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the wonderful aroma and the beauty of the wreath itself. It is absolutely gorgeous!” Madalene C Aurora CO

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