Fundraising Opportunities

Sell Wreaths: Raise Money!

All our wreaths are available for purchase here from this website. But this is more like a showroom than a sales catalog. 95% of our wreaths are sold through groups, families and individuals looking to raise funds to support a worthy endeavor.

Youth church groups, private school groups, public school bands and sports teams, home schooled individuals and families have all benefited from the simple, low-overhead model that

Wreaths of Maine provides. Wreath sellers don’t need to worry about processing payments, production or delivery -- we take care of all that for you. A portion of each sale goes straight back to the seller, so the more you sell, the more you earn for your fundraiser.

Homeschooled Students

Thousands of homeschooled students and families have earned money selling our wreaths. Those funds have paid for music camps, traveling expenses to science fairs and museum trips, and other activities. One student even saved up to buy a horse.

Wreaths of Maine provide a way for students who normally can’t take advantage of the infrastructure of traditional public and private school to raise funds as part of a larger organization.

If you are homeschooled, part of a homeschooling group, or provide homeschooling, consider Wreaths of Maine to help fund your next activity. It’s a great way to raise money and boost social skills at the same time.

Church Functions

Church fundraisers can be for many different things: youth events, church schools, choir outings, even mission trips. Because churches rely almost entirely on gifts, donations and collections from their members, they often have no way to directly fund activities beyond their day-to-day expenses.

Churches raise money for different events throughout the year, but are often too busy around the holidays to organize fundraisers during the most charitable weeks of the year. That’s where Wreaths of Maine can help. Our process couldn’t be simpler, and the other members of the church will see a direct benefit when they buy their wreaths from you.

School Functions

From preschool through high school, more and more kids are attending every year. Every dollar has to be stretched further and further. Band equipment, art supplies, plays, concerts, field trips, clubs and afterschool activities: they all cost more money than can be covered by a few bake sales.

Luckily you can turn to Wreaths of Maine to give you what you need to raise those funds in no time! Whether you’re the chess club raising money to send your champ to the state finals, or the entire brass section looking to replace your band uniforms, we can help you meet and exceed your goals.

Sports Groups

Not every school sports team has the benefit of a “Friday Night Lights”-scale budget. Most teams have to earn their way to new equipment and uniforms. And don’t forget cheerleader squads, travel expenses and facilities.

Many sports teams set a quota for each player to earn through fundraising efforts. Wreaths of Maine is a perfect fit for sports teams as individual players can work together -- building a stronger team, and raising money at the same time.

Wreath selling isn’t just limited to teams from winter sports either. Sports from all seasons can benefit from selling Wreaths of Maine.

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