Selling Wreaths of Maine

The Process

Register for a sales kit: The first thing you need to do is request a sales kit. The kit consists of your seller number, full-color sales brochures, invoices, a sales summary, envelopes for each week’s sales and instructions for placing orders.

The sales kit costs $10 per sales person (or per selling family, if selling together). This fee will be refunded to you once you sell at least ten wreaths. Register here for your $10 sales kit.

Alternatively, you may request a free sales kit. To do so, you must provide either a drawing of a holiday scene that uses wreaths, or an essay of at least fifty words describing what the earnings from your fundraising will go toward. Then, submit your information and your drawing or essay.

You may request additional selling materials within the same selling season for free by emailing material [at] wreathsofmaine [dot] com or calling (207) 832-5385.

Start selling: October and November are ideal times to sell wreaths. Many businesses plan ahead and look to order their holiday decorations early. Sellers have had great success selling to stock-brokers, insurance agencies and real estate firms in October. All of November, and especially Thanksgiving weekend, is an excellent time to sell wreaths in your neighborhood or to visiting relatives.

Order a demo wreath: A demonstration wreath is not required, but some sellers find that a fresh, aromatic Maine balsam wreath sample helps entice people to order. A demo wreath can be ordered for $32.00. Because of the Balsam fir and weather conditions, demo wreaths are shipped the 1st week in November.

Customers place their orders with you: Each customer fills out a separate invoice for each address they wish to send to. They can also add a message to be placed on a gift card when sending wreaths as gifts. Checks are made out to Wreaths of Maine, or customers may pay by credit card. Wreaths of Maine will process all the payments for you.

The invoices and payments are mailed to us each week in dated envelopes provided in the sales packet. The final day to send us orders is the Monday, after Thanksgiving; at which time, you will also send the sales record summary. The commission check arrives the third week of December.

We ship the wreaths: Wreaths are sent directly to the customer's door the week they have chosen. Each wreath comes in a decorative gift box with directions on care, and a personalized card for wreaths that are sent as gifts.

You get paid: You will earn $4 commission per $35 Homestead wreath that you sell, and $6 for all other wreaths. If you paid the $10 for a sales kit and you sold at least ten wreaths, your check will also include that money refunded to you. Your commission check will be sent to you the third week of December.

Sellers who sell more than fifteen wreaths will also get a free gift from Wreaths of Maine.

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